Boards of Directors

Our Boards of Directors are an important part of our mission and vision. Keystone Human Services and each of its subsidiaries are governed by a Board that provides responsible stewardship of the people and resources that have been entrusted into our care. The Boards provide direction to ensure that the activities of the organization move forward in a manner consistent with our mission and values.

One of the great strengths of our Boards is that many of our Board Members have a son, daughter or other loved one who has a serious mental or physical disability. They understand what our work means to the individuals and family we serve and are committed to our mission and vision. All voting Board Members are volunteers and have no financial conflict of interest with the organization.

The Keystone Human Services Board is appointed by the Membership at Keystone Human Services’ Annual Meeting. Subsidiary Boards are appointed by the KHS Board.

Keystone Human Services


Randall Nixon
Vice Chair


Glenda Auker
Board Member


Dr. Jennifer Chambers
Board Member


Dr. Robert Colman
Board Member


Mary Kratzer
Board Member


Joseph Seibert
Board Member

Terri Slocomb

Terri Slocomb
Board Member


Kerry Voss Smith
Board Member

Shirley Walker

Shirley Walker
Board Member

Keystone Service Systems, Inc.

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Keystone Autism Services

  • Jay Simmons, Chair
  • Carol Pennington, Vice Chair
  • Dr. Jennifer Chambers
  • Dr. Janet Kelley

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Keystone Human Services International

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Key Human Services

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Partnerships for People

  • Sheri Nixon, Chair
  • Maureen Wadman, Vice Chair
  • Kathleen Blazek
  • Thomas Blazek
  • Samuel Cornish

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The Keystone Membership

The Keystone Human Services Corporate Membership is comprised of individuals who have made a significant contribution to Keystone’s Mission. They include founders, Board Members, Past Board Members, family members and other individuals who have demonstrated a commitment to our work. The Membership meets annually to approve the annual report of The Board of Keystone Human Services and elect the Board of Keystone Human Services.

  • Glenda Auker
  • JoAnn Ausman
  • Robert Baker
  • Patti Baloga
  • Rhoda Barasch
  • Oleg Bezrucico
  • Kathleen Blazek
  • Heather M. Bowlin
  • Titus Brown
  • B. Jeanine Buford
  • Dr. Jennifer Chambers
  • Dr. Robert Colman (Life)
  • Madeleine DeHart
  • David DeLuce
  • Marty Detweiler
  • Donald Enders (Life)
  • Megan Enders
  • Tina Fegley
  • Bruce Feldman
  • Barbara Felty (Emerita)
  • Dennis Felty (Emeritus)
  • Nancy Fierer
  • Dr. Robert Fierer
  • Fred Fischer
  • Marianne Fischer

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