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Partnerships for People

In New Jersey, Keystone Human Services is known as Partnerships for People. Founded in 1983, Partnerships became a subsidiary of KHS in April 2018.

Partnerships recognizes that all people grow throughout their lifetime, providing opportunities for people to envision the life they want to live, make choices, and have a voice in the services they receive. We partner with businesses, community organizations, advocates, family, friends, volunteers, and government representatives to connect people with resources and opportunities so they can be fully included within their communities.

Person-Directed Support

KHS provides person-directed services for people with intellectual disability and autism, giving people a voice in the direction of their lives. We work alongside people and provide support as they pursue goals of establishing a home, finding a job, or actively participating in their community.

Our services include:

• Residential and Community Living
• Community-Based Supports
• Supported Employment
• Transportation

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Residential Services
Community-Based Services
Supported Employment

In Residential Services, adults live in licensed or unlicensed KHS-owned or rented homes. Based on the idea that all people engage in lifelong learning, each person receives support to build or maintain the skills to live in the community, live more independently, and participate meaningfully in community life.

We take a person-directed approach and tailor services to each person’s goals and needs with respect for personal routines, rights, independence, privacy, and access to opportunities for personal growth.

Services include assistance, support, and guidance in:

  • Health maintenance
  • Self-care
  • Decision-making
  • Home management
  • Personal resource management
  • Communication
  • Mobility and transportation
  • Relationship development and socialization
  • Personal adjustment
  • Participation in the community
  • Use of community resources

Community-Based Services offer support for people to participate meaningfully within their community. Available at home or within the community, people pursue volunteer opportunities and other community activities and build their daily living skills.

Everyone who has the desire to work should have the opportunity to pursue and maintain competitive, meaningful employment. Supported Employment provides the support people need to successfully find and maintain a job.

Each person works with a certified Employment Specialist to develop a flexible, personalized employment plan, taking their vocational strengths and interests into account.

Through the Discovery process, each person evaluates their interests based on specific aspects of the job market, as well as their skills, strengths, and the conditions under which they work best.

During Job Development, Employment Specialists facilitate relationships between the person and their employer, and work to match the needs of the employer with the skills, strengths, needs, and interests of the person.

Once the person has secured a job, an Employment Specialist then provides systematic instruction to assist the person to learn the skills necessary to successfully perform that job. Through subsequent job coaching, each person receives support to meet employment expectations, address job-related issues as they may arise, and maintain long-term employment.

People may also receive assistance to develop a personal business or find employment based on a personal assessment process.

Ellen Mercado, President of the Partnerships for People Self-Advocacy Group, attended the Keystone Human Services June Summit, where she joined advocates from around the world in discussions about advocacy, inclusion, and human rights. She shared the knowledge and skills she learned with the group. These networking and learning opportunities strengthen the global movement toward inclusion.

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