Global Leadership

Keystone Human Services designs and implements culturally relevant community-based services and service systems that promote full inclusion and culturally valued roles.

Social inclusion matters. It is the foundation of a just and equitable society and at the heart of our work. Person-directed planning and advocacy from those with lived experience guide our work to develop sustainable systems.

We are proud to be part of a global inclusion movement, alongside advocates, leaders, and organizations from around the world.

Keystone Human Services at the UN

Through Special Consultative Status at the UN, we bring discussions of disability inclusive disaster response, deinstitutionalization, and advocacy for and with people with disability to a global stage, influencing decision-makers at the highest international level.

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Advocating for EU Support for Deinstitutionalization in Moldova

Keystone Human Services International’s Regional Office for Central and Eastern Europe developed a position paper addressed to the European Union to advocate for financial support for inclusive community living and ending institutionalization of persons with intellectual and psychosocial disabilities in Moldova. Keystone Moldova, EASPD, Validity Foundation, Inclusion Europe, Institutul pentru Drepturile Omului (IDOM), and Alianta Organizatiilor pentru Persoane cu Dizabilitati (AOPD) have each endorsed the position paper and the proposed initiative.

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Impact of COVID-19 on People with Disability

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed challenges and opportunities for people with disability, their families, allies, advocates, professionals, and service agencies. While the economic and social impact of the pandemic and quarantine have heightened the marginalization of people with disability, the health crisis also presents opportunities to redesign support to be more inclusive.

Read the studies from Keystone Moldova and Keystone Institute India.


Keystone Human Services partners with people with disability, families, governments, and other organizations and leaders to support the movement toward inclusion and the development of community-based services for people with disability. We provide consultation and education around dismantling institutions and developing responsive, effective, and inclusive supports that help people move toward belonging, acceptance, and a rich community life.

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We raise our voice alongside the voices of people with disability to advocate for inclusion, social justice, and the rights of all people. Disability rights are human rights.

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Inclusive Education

All students benefit when students with disabilities are included in school, giving all children the opportunity to learn, build relationships, and develop the skills they need to thrive in their communities. We provide consultancy and opportunities for schools and educators to build their capacity to provide fully integrated, inclusive education, as well as addressing the mindsets and other barriers to school inclusion.

Learn more about our consultancy, recent inclusive education initiatives, and the Alternativ Theater’s anti-discrimination efforts.

Virtual UN Side Event on Strengthening Families

On December 4, 2020 KHS led a virtual side event at the 13th Conference of States Parties to the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, highlighting parent and family leadership in preventing institutionalization of children with disabilities. Panelists and participants share examples of supporting families worldwide, discuss how families lead the way, and explore how societies can prevent institutionalization by supporting families.

Mme Rosalie Ouedraogo, parent and advocate International Social Service General Secretariat
Shona McDonald, Founder and Executive Director Shonaquip Social Enterprise
Marin Andronache, Advocate Keystone Moldova
Mishelle Rudzinski, Founder & Executive Director, SPOON
Ms. Nguyet Trinhth Vietnam Ministry of Labour & Social Affairs
Opening Remarks by Genevieve Fitzgibbon, Deputy Director KHSI
Moderated by Sue Swenson, President Inclusion International

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