Puppy Cam

SSD Faith’s Puppies

SSD Faith’s six puppies were born on July 21, 2022. The father is SSD Tico. Watch them grow and learn important assistance dog behaviors. Don’t forget that they need you to help them become assistance dogs! Sign up to become a puppy raiser.

Watch the Puppy Cam

SSD is hosting Southeastern Guide Dogs (SEGD) Sailor and her litter of nine puppies sired by SEGD Larson. As part of Assistance Dogs International Breeding Cooperative (IBC), member programs sometimes ask another program host a breeding dog and whelp their litter of puppies. Some puppies from SEGD Sailor’s litter will return to SEGD in Florida, others will remain in SSD’s Puppy Raising Program, and still others may travel to another ADI member program. This type of collaboration helps maintain programs’ genetic diversity and continue the shared goal of improving the quality of all assistance dogs. Unlike most SSD litters, Sailor’s puppies will be known by their collar colors until they enter their assigned program after 8 to 9 weeks of age.

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Puppy Milestones

Everything you see on the puppy cam helps give these puppies a solid foundation for their assistance dog training. You’ll see different objects in the whelping box, and you may even see the puppies visiting different parts of their whelping family’s home.

Here are a few milestones to look for:

Week 1:

Puppies twitch and move a lot in their sleep. They use their sense of smell to explore their surroundings.

Week 2:

The puppies’ eyes and ears open, and the pups begin crawling backwards.

Week 3:

The puppies start standing and begin to play.

Week 4:

The puppies should be actively playing with each other and wagging their tails. They’ll also start eating out of a dish.

Week 5:

Puppies start playing with toys.

Week 6:

The puppies are learning how to really use their paws and mouths and control their bodies.

Weeks 7-8:

Puppies are almost fully developed. You should be able to see the pups’ personalities.