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In Connecticut, we are Key Human Services, creating opportunities for people with disability to grow and make meaningful life choices while living, working, and building relationships within their,community. With support and funding from the Connecticut Departments of Developmental Services, Social Services, and Children and Families, Key provides a variety  of services to support the individual needs of persons with disability throughout their life.

Supporting People to Live a Full, Meaningful Life

Intellectual Disability Services

Autism Services

Nursing Services

Key Human Services’ mission is to act as a change agent, creating opportunities that encourage growth and meaningful life choices while assisting persons in finding home, health, friends, work, and presence in their communities.

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Elizabeth Weiblen, President and CEO
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Phone: 860-409-7350
Toll-free: 1-800-874-7809
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Start your rewarding career supporting people to live full, meaningful lives in the community. You can search all of Keystone Human Services’ open positions and apply on the website. Search by location to find the openings in Connecticut.

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Community Living Arrangements
Individual and Family Supports
Nursing Services

In Community Living Arrangements (CLAs,) men and women receive support to live in a home in their community. Each person is supported to live independently, pursue their goals, and participate meaningfully in the community. Key Human Services operates CLA homes across Connecticut and all three Department of Developmental Services regions. We are proud of the feedback we’ve received from people we support and their families.

 “Just this morning, I attended a quarterly meeting at L’s home. I was provided copies of all reports. My opinions and desires were accepted and wanted. Occasionally, I have dropped by the house unannounced, and … I was welcomed.”

“I am so happy that the people who take care of my sister are so compassionate and caring. This past half-year has been difficult, and her caregivers have been great. Couldn’t ask for a better home for her. Thanks for all.”

“L is the primary person I depend on. She has been a mature and honest communicator. She is personally involved in S’s care, which gives her great insight into his needs. The home has done great … in training and choosing staff, communicating with family, and ensuring S is happy, healthy, and safe.”

Learn more about CLAs in CT

North Region
HelpLine 1-877-437-4577
[email protected]

South Region
HelpLine 1-877-437-4567
[email protected]

West Region
HelpLine 1-877-491-2720
[email protected]

Autism Services
Key Human Services, Inc. provides a person-directed approach to autism services and supports. Key’s Autism Services address the needs of individuals with autism and their families to increase each person’s ability to live independently and actively participate in the community.

Autism Services have been specially designed for men and women over the age of eighteen who have a diagnosis of an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Services may include life skills coaching, community mentoring and behavior management. Men and women may receive one or more of these services, depending on their needs and goals.

Autism Services was originally developed in 2008 as part of the Developmental Services Autism Spectrum Disorder Pilot Program.

Individualized Day Support
Individualized Day Support is offered to men and women to assist them to achieve personal goals related to work, community participation or retirement activities. Supports are provided by staff at Key Human Services, Inc. throughout Connecticut.

Each person develops and implements an individualized support plan with the help of the team. Key staff provide opportunities for people to achieve their goals and provide assistance with developing friendships, exploring employment, participating in community activities, and learning self-help or adaptive skills.

Individualized Home Support
Individualized Home Support provides supports that are tailored to each person’s individual needs. Men, women and children receive support to maximize their independence and ability to make choices about their lives.

Models of support may vary depending on the challenges and abilities of each person receiving services, as well as the location where services are provided. For adults choosing to live in an apartment setting, Key professionals provide support to secure friendships, locate safe and affordable housing, find employment, and develop and maintain daily living skills. Designed to reflect each person’s dreams and desires, services are flexible to address the person’s changing needs.

For children and youth living with their families, Key provides comprehensive supports to address the unique needs of each child and family. Services include developing a behavior plan to meet the needs of each child and family, providing support with medical appointments, providing transportation, mentoring a child or adult in recreational activities and developing life skills. Services are flexible to ensure supports are successful.

Funding may be provided privately, by the Department of Developmental Services or by the Department of Children and Families, depending on eligibility.

Community Training Homes
Community Companion Homes is a licensed foster care arrangement that offers adults the opportunity to thrive in a home environment. Adults with intellectual disabilities are matched with a family, and they live in their home where they receive long-term care and education. Services provided are comprehensive and tailored to each person’s needs and goals.

Families who are interested in opening their home to an adult in Community Companion Homes must meet certain requirements. The primary caregiver must be 21 years of age or older and live in a licensable home or apartment. A separate bedroom or a shared bedroom with one other family member must be provided for the adult. Previous experience supporting an individual with intellectual disabilities is not required. Families must have a strong desire and commitment to provide long-term support. We encourage responsible, single adults to apply, although we suggest that another adult be designated to provide care in the primary caregiver’s absence.

Families who open their homes will be supported by Key Human Services. One of our program directors will continually monitor each home to ensure that all services are in place and to offer support and direction to the family. During the day, the new family member will be employed or enrolled in school, a vocational program or a day program, as appropriate to their abilities and interests.

The family will actively participate in teaching self-care and social skills, as well as provide a positive home environment. Each family receives financial reimbursement for opening their home and supporting the new family member.

Community Companion Homes are licensed and funded by the Connecticut Department of Developmental Services.

Comprehensive Nursing Services address the needs of children and adults with developmental disabilities. Nursing Services include RN on Call, which makes a registered nurse available 24 hours a day. Nurses are also available to contract with other agencies.

Key’s Nursing Services are dedicated to serving people with developmental disabilities and have been recognized by the Connecticut Department of Developmental Services for providing quality nursing services.

Our comprehensive nursing services are specially designed to address the unique needs of individuals with developmental disabilities. With many years of experience, our senior professionals have achieved national certification in the field of developmental disabilities nursing. We employ highly skilled nurses who are available to contract to other agencies that have residential programs for individuals with intellectual disabilities. Our nurses attend regular staff training and education programs to improve our agency’s ability to provide quality services.

All of our nurses are experienced with state licensing requirements, including quarterly and annual nursing reporting. Our nurses also provide the essential guidelines and policies needed to comply with state regulations governing residential facilities: a Nursing Delegation Policy, Medication Administration Policy, sanction procedures, training protocols, Kardex systems and much more. These complex materials are available to other agencies through state-approved computer software and can be easily customized for each agency’s use.

Our nurses are also available through RN on Call, an after hours nursing telephone consultation services.

A Better Life at Home

Rich, Derek, and Lester have found true home. In 2018, after spending over 30 years living in Southbury Training School, a residential facility in Connecticut, they moved together to the community and home of their choice. With support, they are enjoying increased independence and autonomy.

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