What We Do

Inclusion for All People

Our work focuses on inclusion for all people and building communities where everyone has the opportunity to thrive and fully participate in everything society has to offer. Inclusion means all, and to truly create inclusive communities, human rights and social justice must be at the forefront of policies, services, employment, education, disaster relief, and every other aspects of society.

We partner with people with disability, families, governments, and other organizations and leaders to design and develop innovative, sustainable community-based services, end institutionalization, promote disability rights, and connect people with the resources they need to pursue their goals at home, school, work, and in the community.

To support inclusion, we provide individualized, person-directed support for each person. We offer a broad array of services in the areas of intellectual disabilities, mental health, and autism, as well as Head Start services through Capital Area Head Start and assistance dogs through Susquehanna Service Dogs. We offer technical assistance to governments, regulators, and other organizations, and provide educational opportunities to promote inclusion everywhere.

We actively advocate for inclusive practices across all sectors of society.

We take a human rights approach to inclusion.

We provide consultation and support to those seeking to build a better future for all people.


“I lived in institutions from the time I was six until I was 18 years old,” said Marin Andronache. “In 2014, I left the institution and moved into a Supported Living service in the community. After three years, I moved out and how have my own home. I got married and I have a little girl.”

This type of transformation from isolation and marginalization to inclusion and self-determination happens when people with disability have the opportunity to live, work, and go to school in the community. We work to end institutionalization and develop community-based supports so all people can live meaningful lives in the community and exercise their rights.

Learn More About Deinstitutionalization and Our Consultancy Work

Education Opportunities to Promote Inclusion

We offer extensive education opportunities around developing responsive, inclusive supports to create communities where everyone belongs. Based on a solid foundation of Social Role Valorization theory, our workshops and presentations help people with disability, families, professionals, and other leaders envision the possibilities of a full, rich life.

Education opportunities are currently available through Keystone Institute in the United States and Keystone Institute India in India.

Inclusive Employment

Everyone who has the desire to work should have the opportunity to be employed in gainful and meaningful work. An inclusive workforce where people with disability are fully integrated benefits everyone from individuals to businesses to the community as a whole. We approach employment for the people we serve by asking: What does employment look like for the typical person? It involves identifying skills and interests, finding a position doing meaningful work, earning a paycheck, and receiving benefits. We build connections and work with people with disability and businesses to create an inclusive workforce.

Learn more about Supported Employment through our Intellectual Disability Services, Autism Services, and Mental Health Services.