The Road Most Travelled: Using the Culturally Valued Analogue

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Social Role Valorization principles contains many “gems” – ideas that have great power and applicability towards making life fuller and richer for those who are at risk of social devaluation. […]

Foundations of Inclusive Practice

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It is an indubitable fact that real, meaningful work enriches our lives in many ways. Contributing our gifts and talents, friendships, personal and professional growth, social status, and reputation are all potential benefits that are gained from having valued work. People with significant developmental disabilities or psychosocial disabilities, however, have been deprived of work and employment opportunities. New ideas and new ways of thinking are helping us learn to embrace people with disability in the workforce, and this is an exciting area where change is brewing.

Planning for Change: Foundations of Person-Centered Work

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Think Different, Plan Different—Person-Centered work involves a very different way of engaging with people with disabilities and their families. Using person-centered tools, the focus person is the central figure in […]