The Power of Roles


This workshop gives participants a practical introduction to the principles of Social Role Valorization. Through a combination of multimedia presentation and small group discussion, participants will learn about the phenomenon of social devaluation. This event includes discussion of how people with disabilities and other devalued groups have been systematically hurt and harmed by society, and what the impact of that devaluation has been. Participants will also learn about ways to help people have better lives by supporting them to achieve positive valued social roles. We will discuss practical strategies to make this a reality for the people you support.

On a Role: Practical Aspects of Role Theory

Zoom Online Platform

For those with some knowledge of Social Role Valorization principles and who are hungry for how to help people move into valued roles, this workshop is for you.

The All-India SRV Leadership Group Rally

Zoom Online Platform

IASRV Members unite! We are thrilled to call together all Grads from 1.0 - 4.0 for building our fellowship, strengthening our community of practice, and remembering the ideas that both power us up and shake us up. You are invited to the 2023 SRV Rally, a three-hour session on Zoom, with plenty of chances to freshen up your SRV connections and feel the vitality of our movement.

June Summit

Manor at Mountain View 2201 Fishing Creek Valley Road, Harrisburg, PA, United States

Keystone Human Services has partnered with Inclusion International to strengthen our understanding of individual rights and support inclusive participation. Our goal is to ensure people accepting supports from Keystone Human Services are listened to and included, and their rights are respected. We spent the past year exploring how the Listen Include Respect global guidelines for inclusion and meaningful participation of people with intellectual disability can impact an organization that provides direct support.

SRV Refresher Course


Haven’t been to SRV for a while and are looking for a refresher course? Join us as we review the themes of Social Role Valorization and discuss how we have used these ideas over our years of serving others. A series of short presentations will be followed by chances to illustrate, discuss, and share ideas and struggles. Join us to learn about the several new themes of SRV, sharpen your grasp of the principles, recommit to using and teaching the ideas, and do it all in a relaxed atmosphere.

Best of Customized Employment

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An exploration of what works in supported employment for people with developmental disabilities. Authentic work brings a richness and fullness to our lives in so many ways. Contributing gifts and talents, making friends, personal and professional growth opportunities, and a good reputation are all important potential benefits gained from valued work.