Personal Stories


Entrepreneur Creates Braille Menus

Hillary McFadden enjoys visiting different restaurants, especially those with food from other cultures. However, since she has a visual impairment, it can be very frustrating to have to rely on someone to read the menu when a restaurant doesn’t offer one in Braille.
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Kindergarten Inclusion

When you look at Ruxanda, you see two keen eyes, two braids, and a big smile. Every morning, she wakes up early, gets dressed, and goes to kindergarten, where she has many friends and spends the day playing with the other children and discovering the world.
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A Better Life at Home

Rich, Derek, and Lester have found a place to call home. After spending over 30 years living in Southbury Training School, a residential facility in Connecticut, they left in April 2018 with support from Key Human Services.
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Rediscovering Yourself in the Community

Watch the video as Patti Uhrich shares her story of recovery from mental illness and how she rediscovered herself within her community.
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