A Better Life at Home

Rich, Derek, and Lester have found a place to call home. After spending over 30 years living in Southbury Training School, a residential facility in Connecticut, they left in April 2018 with support from Key Human Services.

To make their move easier, the brothers were involved in preparations for their new home. They visited regularly to see the progress of the renovations. They helped interview and select the staff who would support them, inviting them to share a meal in their new home.

The more time Rich, Derek, and Lester spent in their new home, the more evident it became that they had found a place to call their own, where they could have the independence and autonomy they had been longing for.

The men were excited to have full access to their own kitchen where they could prepare their own meals and snacks. At Southbury Training School, all meals and snacks were prepared by staff on a schedule, and food was not available outside of these set times. Rich, Derek, and Lester now have the independence to make their own decisions.

After moving in, the brothers quickly determined they wanted to be healthier and more active. With guidance from a dietician, help with meal planning, and setting physical goals, they began taking biking trips and planning activities that involved more walking, such as going to the Big E Fair. Rich, Derek, and Lester look forward to enjoying their newly active lives in the community.