June Summit


June Summit 2023

The June Summit: Believe in Inclusion

“You have to believe in inclusion,” said Tia Nelis, a Listen Include Respect consultant with Inclusion International.
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“We Are Allies and Partners, Not Caregivers”: KHS Launches Pilot Project with the Listen Include Respect Guidelines

“Inclusion sits at the heart of our values,” said Siobhan Barrington, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Partnerships for People, a KHS subsidiary in New Jersey. “We’re committed to creating inclusive communities. But there’s more work to be done to move from being person-centered to being person-led.”
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Keystone Human Services to Pilot the Newly Launched Listen Include Respect Guidelines

“People with disability should have the opportunity to not just be physically in the room but to be fully included within all aspects of organizations,” said Kayla McKeon at the launch event for the Listen Include Respect guidelines .
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Amanda Humes

The Learning Continues Through the June Summit

The 2022 June Summit marks the launch of our 12-month pilot project to incorporate the Listen Include Respect global guidelines into our work. Developed by Inclusion International and Down Syndrome International, these guidelines are designed to help organizations make their work inclusive, so people with intellectual disability can fully participate.
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