Social Role Valorization


Introduction to PASSING

Hershey Lodge 325 University Drive, Hershey, PA, United States

This five-day workshop is for those who are interested in deepening their knowledge about the principles of Social Role Valorization. This workshop involves learning to use the PASSING assessment tool, which looks at the realities of Social Role Valorization in practice.

The Power of Roles


This workshop gives participants a practical introduction to the principles of Social Role Valorization.

When “Just Okay” Is Not Good Enough: An Exploration of the Conservatism Corollary

Zoom Online Platform

Hungry for more information about Social Role Valorization? Had some basic training in it? If so, then this workshop is for you. The global pandemic is causing us to interact differently, and Keystone Institute is adapting by providing our courses and events online, using the best platform we can find. This event is a pilot, and we need your help by attending it and providing us with feedback and suggestions. Please join us as we introduce participants to a powerful component within SRV known as the Conservatism Corollary. This has nothing to do with politics but DOES have to do with strengthening the options we offer to people as we help them to have access to the good things of life.

Ringing in Our Hearts and Minds: A Short Course on Model Coherency

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Model Coherency: An SRV-Based Framework for Designing and Evaluating Services

The concept of model coherency is one of the themes of and for Social Role Valorization (SRV) theory. Yet another fabulous gem of SRV, this concept is so helpful when both designing and evaluating a service. How well a service "hangs together" in every way is the big idea behind Model Coherency. This workshop is designed for those who have some training in Social Role Valorization, and those who have also done deep SRV study. Be prepared for hands-on experiential learning, as we take the ideas and put them to work together.

Introduction to Social Role Valorization


The Introduction to Social Role Valorization is an intensive workshop, which presents the idea of assisting people with disabilities and other devalued conditions to have positive social roles as a productive and helpful response to wounding life experiences. Social Role Valorization is a comprehensive theory which provides insights as to why certain groups of people become devalued in society, what life experiences are likely to befall people once they have become devalued in the eyes of others, why valued social roles are a powerful response in combatting the negative life experiences, and ten essential themes which can guide implementers in pursuing valued roles by, with, and for those practitioners desire to serve.

On Voice and Choice

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Across the world, most valued people have some level of choice and voice in their lives, perhaps not about everything, but about many things. We make many daily decisions, express our opinions freely, and often have leeway to steer our lives in one direction or another, to take some risks, and to stretch ourselves.