Person-Centered Planning


Social Role Valorization Distance Conference: SRV in the World

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Change leaders committed to better lives for people with developmental and psychosocial disability are talking about and learning about Social Role Valorization, a powerful set of ideas about how to assist people to have full, rich, meaningful lives. SRV provides a high-order framework for understanding the society in which we live, and the place people with disabilities tend to hold within it.

Planning Tools for Inclusive Practice: Dynamic Processes for Change


Join us for three days of learning, discovery, and design as we explore visual and inclusive processes of envisioning the future, design ways to move forward, and create change. This course is intended to develop awareness in using PATH and Person Futures Planning.

Best of Customized Employment

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An exploration of what works in supported employment for people with developmental disabilities. Authentic work brings a richness and fullness to our lives in so many ways. Contributing gifts and talents, making friends, personal and professional growth opportunities, and a good reputation are all important potential benefits gained from valued work.

Exploring the Places and Spaces Where Community Happens: A Workshop on Community Mapping


This two-day event takes an in-depth look at what is involved in Community Mapping and have an opportunity to experience it for yourself-be prepared to explore, research, travel the neighborhood, and talk to others-the first step in understanding where people can offer their gifts is learning the paths and places that already exist, and that others have traveled.

Planning Tools for Inclusive Practice: Creating Positive and Possible Futures

Keystone Human Services 3700 Vartan Way, Harrisburg, PA, United States

This course is intended to develop awareness in using PATH, Personal Futures Planning, and One Page Profiles. Participants will learn and practice powerful person-centered planning tools for creating positive visions and providing good supports to move towards the vision. Solution-seeking practices, deep listening, sharpened facilitation skills, capacity building, and practical implementation of PATH and MAPS tools are all part of this dynamic learning process.