All Means All: A Workshop on Community Membership

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A vision of inclusion means that all people, including people with disability, are fully included, and fully participate in the life of the community.

Healing Voices (SRV Study Group)


Healing Voices: Model Coherency informs us that our fundamental assumptions about people, the world, and human nature will drive our actions. These assumptions play out unconsciously and powerfully in the […]

GearUP for Susquehanna Service Dogs

First National Bank 366 East College Avenue, State College

GearUP an assistance dog for Susquehanna Service Dogs! During October, help provide an assistance dog with all the essentials they need to become a successful working dog—from vet care and food to training. Your donation will help partner a person with a life-changing assistance dog!

Visual Language: A Mini-Institute on Graphic Foundation

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This three-session mini-institute is designed to give aspiring graphic facilitators the confidence to bring person-centered planning processes to life.