Create Inclusive Communities.
Build a Better World.
Change Lives.

Keystone Human Services provides support and expertise so that everyone can be included and have a valued presence in the community.

Time and again, we have seen people’s lives change as they move from situations of segregation and marginalization to inclusion and self-determination. Everyone benefits when all people have opportunities to fully participate in the community and access their rights.

Our work revolves around supporting people to direct their own lives, to establish a home, find meaningful work, pursue education alongside their peers, develop real relationships, and fill valued roles within the community.
We develop and provide community-based supports for people with disability, provide consultation and technical assistance on inclusive policies and legal frameworks, and advocate for disability rights and inclusive practices.

We do all of this with one goal in mind: to build a better world where everyone belongs.

Community-Based Services

We develop and provide community-based services to support people to fully participate in the community.Learn More


We offer legal and technical assistance to governments and organizations seeking to move people out of institutions and develop community-based supports.Learn More


We take an active role against segregation and marginalization, pushing for inclusive practices in all sectors of society.Learn More

Inclusive Education

We provide consultancy and opportunities for schools and educators to create fully integrated, inclusive education.Learn More

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Throughout the year, Keystone Human Services offers many opportunities to participate in our mission of inclusion for everyone, including fundraising and educational events.

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