A Movement of Change

India is confronting a tragic public health crisis of previously unimaginable proportions. The COVID-19 epidemic is impacting every city, every village, and every family. Like so many others in India, we are grieving.
Our work to connect people and organizations and to build a stronger foundation of support for people with disability, matters more than ever as all of India struggles with the pandemic’s toll. Research shows that people with disability and people with multiple social vulnerabilities are especially at risk from COVID-19. Addressing the true needs of people with disability within the overall support system strengthens safeguards for all people. Even when risk is all around us, our work continues as we confront the present together and plan for the future.
We are part of a movement of change in India to create a more inclusive society. In partnership with people with disability, families, advocates, organizations, and other leaders, we are working to build communities where all are welcome and belong.

Keystone Institute India

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Through Keystone Institute India, a project of Keystone Human Services International, we promote the development of natural and systemic supports in India that better serve people’s needs and respect the voices of people with disability and their families, providing opportunities to envision positive futures and determine the direction of their lives. Building on the powerful ideas and principles within Social Role Valorization as our underlying theory of practice, we provide education and consultation in inclusive practices and developmental approaches to transform people’s lives.

Education Opportunities to Create Inclusive Communities

Learn about Social Role Valorization, person-centered supports, and other inclusive practices.

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Inclusive Practice
Partnerships for Deinstitutionalization

Keystone Institute India offers workshops and presentations on inclusive practices and ideas, and consultation for implementation strategies. These ideas include Social Role Valorization, a solid framework to help understand the deep devaluation of people with disability and assist people to have full, rich, meaningful lives.

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Keystone Institute India facilitated a public-private partnership to create responsive community-based support for people with intellectual disability. Through this partnership, several women left a government institution in northern India and have established themselves as members of their village in two small community homes. This is the first program in the region that is fully founded on inclusive practice and full participation in the community.

Jhalak: A Glimpse into Inclusive Actions Across India