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Our assistance dogs give people the confidence to live more independently and do things they didn’t think were possible. These dogs change lives.

Part of Keystone Human Services, Susquehanna Service Dogs breeds, raises, trains, and places assistance dogs and hearing dogs, as well as facility dogs, to assist children and adults with disability to lead the lives they want to live. We have over 300 dogs at various stages of training in our program.

We work hard to match people and dogs to form a successful partnership and follow each team for the working life of the dog and through the dog’s retirement. Whether our assistance dogs are retrieving dropped items or helping their partner navigate a crowded store, they’re assisting their partners to live full, rich, meaningful lives.

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“A mulligan in golf is a second chance, a do-over. SSD Mulligan is my second chance,” said Alison, partnered with SSD Mulligan. “It’s going to be a renewed life. It’s going to be a chance to move beyond fear…. In the course of my condition, I’ve isolated myself a lot, so I’m looking forward to driving, just getting out in public. Just being part of life.”

Every step of our process of creating life-changing partnerships like Alison and SSD Mulligan’s is based on science, from our breeding program through placement and the working life of the dog. Training begins the moment the puppies are born. At nine weeks, they join volunteer puppy raisers, who spend 15 to 18 months teaching the puppies good house manners and basic cues, as well as introducing the puppies to various public settings. The dogs then enter our advanced training program, where our professional trainers work with each dog to identify the type of work the dog is best suited for. Candidates on our waiting list then meet several dogs to determine a match, and the dog is trained specialized skills and tasks to assist with their partner’s specific needs. Everything we do is designed to create individually trained assistance dogs that will assist their partners to be more independent.

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Make a donation that will change lives! Your support is essential to create lasting partnerships between partners and their assistance dogs.

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Susquehanna Service Dogs
1078 Gravel Hill Road
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Phone: 717-599-5920

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Leave a legacy and make a difference in the community by naming a puppy or an entire litter of future assistance dogs. Email us at [email protected] or call 717-599-5920 ext. 4352 to learn more.

*Due to COVID-19, we are not currently holding puppy socialization events.

Would you like to hold puppy hugging at your organization or event?

Susquehanna Service Dogs’ litters of puppies are available for special puppy socialization events. We ask for a minimum donation to support our work to train and place the puppies as life-changing service dogs.

Please note that events are subject to the availability of our puppies.

For a $100 donation, you can provide a harness for one of our assistance dogs to wear in public with their partner.

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For a $200 donation, you can provide all of the items that are given to a partner when they complete Team Training with their new assistance dog. Items include a leash and collar, treat pouch, clicker, food bowl, grooming tools, starter bag of dog food, heartworm and flea and tick preventatives, and more.

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Donate items we use regularly, such as food for our dogs in advanced training, cleaning supplies, dogs crates, toys, and more. Items can be dropped off at our facility in Grantville, PA or you can call 717-599-5920 ext. 4354 to make other arrangements.

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It Takes a Community

Raising, training, and placing assistance dogs is a community effort. Volunteers, donors, and the community all play a role in supporting our puppies-in-training as they grow to become highly skilled, life-changing working dogs.

It takes over $30,000 to fully fund an assistance dog from the moment they’re born through their entire working life. We receive no government funding and only a small portion of our funding comes from fee for service, adoption fees, and merchandise sales. We rely on philanthropic support from corporations, foundations, and individuals to make it possible for dogs to change lives.

An assistance dog can make a huge difference in someone’s life, giving them independence, confidence, and hope. When you support Susquehanna Service Dogs, you share in that impact.

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