Through the Eyes of a Host Family in Moldova

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Families in Tudora are opening their homes to refugees from Ukraine, providing a safe place for people to live as they prepare for the next step in their journey. Keystone Moldova spoke with a family who has been hosting refugees since February 26. Here’s their story in their own words:

When the first two families arrived in late February, we arranged two rooms for them. Because they were unable to exchange their own money at the bank, we used our money to purchase everything they needed—food, firewood, lighters, and hygiene products, as well as fruit and candy for the children. They needed milk or bread every day, and once a week when we went to town, we bought fresh meat and butter. We also connected them with a doctor so the grandmother could access her prescription medication.

They were on their way to Australia, since one of them was an Australian citizen. When they were ready to continue on their way, we coordinated with an association in Bucharest to arrange for an accessible bus and find an apartment where all seven family members, including two family members with disabilities, would be comfortable. Another family who was staying with us at the same time decided to travel with them to Bucharest to make the journey easier.

Another family who was staying with us moved on to Romania, where they’re being hosted by another family. The mother has expertise in supporting children with disabilities, and a little while ago, I saw her on TV giving an interview. She’s working in a center for children with autism and intellectual disabilities.

After that, we hosted one man who stayed with us for four days before settling in Chisinau, Moldova. We then hosted volunteers from Chisinau who were helping at the border crossing when they wanted to stay overnight and needed a place to stay.

Two mothers and three children from Ukraine stayed with us before they traveled to Germany. We provided a warm place for them to live and food, as well as consultations and information—how to access the internet, how to get cards for mobile phones, how to connect to Orange, a mobile phone and internet service provider in Moldova.

At times, we hosted people for just one night to give them a safe place to rest until they began their journey in a new day.

Now we have two families staying in our home—a grandmother, mother and two daughters, and grandparents, a mother, and her daughter. We provided them with food and other people from the Tudora offered clothing. The town hall from Ştefan Vodă also got involved, providing packages with food.


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