Susquehanna Service Dogs’ Puppy Raising Program in the News

Catch a glimpse of Susquehanna Service Dogs’ newest puppies being raised in State College! Justin Betti from ABC 23 WATM visited our early socialization class at Penn State, where five puppies are just starting their training to become service dogs.

SSD Avon, SSD Zest, SSD Verna, and SSD Lisbon are being raised by Penn State students, and SSD Meyer is being raised by a local community member. Right now they’re in our early socialization class, which means they’re learning basic cues like sit and down, starting to work on self-control, and practicing walking next to their puppy raiser on a loose leash—a challenging task when your siblings are nearby!

They’ll spend the next fifteen months with their puppy raisers learning over 20 different cues and good house manners. In addition, they’ll accompany their raisers almost everywhere, going to class, sporting events, work, the library, stores, and more—all to prepare them to assist their future partner.

If you’re interested in becoming a puppy raiser, apply online.