Direct Support Professionals (DSP) will now receive $16/hour in our services in Pennsylvania, and Community Support Professionals (CSP) now start at $16.50/hour at Keystone Autism Services. The pay rate increase reflects the critical role DSPs and CSPs play in supporting people with disability to live full lives. They live our mission every day, making inclusion and independence real in the lives of individuals and entire communities.

By working directly with people we support, these professionals truly get to know people, helping them to build relationships with friends and family, pursue goals, and live an everyday life in their homes.

DSPs and CSPs in Pennsylvania are not the only ones who have received rate increases. DSPs working in Delaware have also received an increase to $17/hour

Positions throughout KHS with increases include:

Intellectual Disability Services

  • Advanced DSP in PA ($17/hr)
  • Area Supervisor (starts at $53,080 annually)
  • Associate Clinical Director (starts at $52,080 annually)
  • Clinical Specialist ($19.50/hr)
  • Community Participation Associate ($16/hr)
  • Direct Support Professional in DE ($17/hr)
  • Direct Support Professional in PA ($16/hr)
  • Lifesharing Coordinator ($17.50/hr)
  • Program Supervisor ($19.29/hr)
  • Supported Employment Coordinator ($17.50/hr with high school diploma, $19/hr with bachelor’s in specified field)
  • Supported Living Specialist ($19.50/hr)

Keystone Autism Services (PA)

  • Behavioral Health Specialist (starts at $51,000 annually)
  • Community Support Professional I ($16.50/hr)
  • Community Support Professional II ($18.50/hr)
  • Driver ($15/hr)
  • Employment & Integrated Supports Specialist ($18.50/hr)
  • Job Developer ($20.33/hr)
  • Program Director ($18.50/hr)
  • Supports Coordinator ($20.33/hr)

To learn more about these positions and apply, search our jobs.

Why Choose KHS?

“My DSP has been one of my greatest influences right now. If I have a problem, I just go to him. I feel like I’m on the right path right now.”

“Something that’s really rewarding about our job is helping people with new experiences. I’ve accompanied people to concerts, I’ve flown on a place so someone could see their family they hadn’t seen in fifteen years. I’ve gone to the Poconos. These are things that ‘normal’ people do, and the people we support are no different than you or me.” –Direct Support Professional of ten years

“I really enjoy working with my team, from CSPs (Community Support Professionals) all the way up to leadership. I have an amazing group of people that I work with. They are very reliable. They are very trustworthy. They are people who will give you honest feedback, which is always good because it promotes professional growth with in you. We all come from different backgrounds and have a lot of knowledge, skills, and abilities to offer here at Keystone.” –Director of Autism Services

“Just being a part of helping someone have a great day or helping someone through a not so great day and just helping them move from one aspect of their lives to another—for me it’s rewarding and that’s definitely what keeps me coming back.” –Service Director