Mapping the Needs of Ukrainians with Disabilities

When Ukrainians with disability cross the border into Moldova, Keystone Moldova is there to help them either stay or travel through to other countries. As more Ukrainians with disability seek refuge from the war, we are making sure that they’re included in relief efforts.

The Republic of Moldova operates 105 official refugee shelters, although only a small fraction of people are staying in the shelters. Approximately 80% of refugees in Moldova are staying in people’s homes or within temporary shelters set up by local authorities. We’re mapping the locations of Ukrainians with disabilities, as well as their needs on a weekly basis. The hotline support service and mobile teams, as well as connections and communications with social assistance departments throughout Moldova and all 105 shelters, are critical to successfully identifying, mapping, and addressing people’s needs.

Our main focus is to make sure that people’s needs continue to be met, even though they are far from home. We are working with local public authorities and social workers in the shelters to develop individual assistance plans for each person with a disability. Because many Ukrainians will stay in Moldova, we are supporting local public authorities to develop services that specifically meet their needs, including personal assistance services, specialized foster care for unaccompanied children with disabilities or children from residential institutions, and shared living services for adults with disabilities.

We are also supporting parents, helping to build their capacity to provide support for their family member. In addition to information, counseling, and referrals to services through our hotline support services, we’re providing financial support for food, hygiene supplies, urgent-need medicines, and support services.

This is critical work to make sure that people with disability are included. You can make an impact by donating to support our work. One hundred percent of your donation goes directly to Keystone Moldova to support Ukrainians with disability.

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