Legislative Roundtable on the Need for a Sustainable Human Service System

On April 20, 2023, Pennsylvania Advocacy and Resources for Autism and Intellectual Disability (PAR) held a Legislative Roundtable, hosted by Keystone Human Services, for an open discussion on the human services system with legislative leaders. People with disability, families, providers, and advocates shared the challenges of the current system and advocated for changes during the roundtable with PA State Representative Justin Fleming (D), PA State Representative Dave Madsen (D), and Rachel Miccarelli, legislative liaison with PA State Representative Craig Williams (R). 

Charles Sweeder, President and CEO of Keystone Human Services, said, “Keystone supports people over their lifetime, and we need to ensure that our services are sustainable. Direct Support Professionals are essential to providing that support.”

Parents also pointed to the Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) as essential to their sons’ and daughters’ lives, including health, independence, and participation in the community. Direct Support Professionals develop relationships and build trust with the people they support, helping them become more independent and take on valued roles within the community. Stability among the workforce is important to that trust and retention is vital.

PAR is advocating for $430 million for the system of services and supports for people with intellectual disability and autism.

Thank you to Representative Fleming, Representative Madsen, and Rachel Miccarelli for this critical discussion impacting the lives of Pennsylvanians.