Edna Silberman Humanitarian Service Award

The Edna Silberman Humanitarian Service Award is one of Keystone Human Services’ highest honors. The award is presented annually to those who have made significant contributions to individuals, the community, and Keystone Human Services and have played a major role in making KHS’s vision real in the lives of others.

The award takes its name from Edna Silberman, a co-founder and long-time friend of Keystone Human Services. She worked tirelessly in support of individuals with mental illness and developmental disabilities. Edna served as the executive director of the Aurora Club, host of WGAL-TV’s Spotlight Series, and a Board member of the Children’s Play Room, Inc. She was active in Hadassah, Kesher Israel Sisterhood, and many other community organizations. In addition, she mentored many young people in the community movement and had a lasting influence on many people. She was a loving mother and wife, and a passionate friend to and advocate for people with disabilities. Edna passed away in 1993.

Past Recipients of the Edna Silberman Humanitarian Service Award

  • 2022: Fred and Marianne Fischer
  • 2021: Dr. Jennifer Chambers
  • 2020: Mark Van Blargan
  • 2019: Liliana Malancea
  • 2018: Nancy Thaler
  • 2017: Tracy Kralik
  • 2016: Bill and Susan Tyson
  • 2015: Dr. Robert Colman
  • 2014: Mark Ritter
  • 2013: Donald Enders
  • 2012: Sally Klein
  • 2011: Governor and Ginny Thornburgh
  • 2010: Karen Snider
  • 2009: Robert and Mimi Goodling
  • 2008: Dr. Robert A. Scott
  • 2007: Janice L. Wenger
  • 2006: Dr. Grace Milliman Pollock
  • 2005: Dr. Janet K. Kelley
  • 2004: Donald R. Witman
  • 2003: Dr. George M. Moffitt
  • 2002: Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Felty
  • 2001: Lucille Johnson
  • 2000: Mel Knowlton
  • 1999: Dr. and Mrs. Robert Fierer
  • 1998: Edith Krohn
  • 1997: Elaine Bogar
  • 1996: Reverend Charles Dorsey
  • 1995: Ralph Moyer
  • 1994: Robert Matteson
  • 1993: Dr. Joseph Adlestein
  • 1992: Mary S. Kratzer
  • 1991: Edna Silberman