In Memory of Dr. Narender Sharma, Associate Director of Keystone Institute India

We are deeply saddened to share the news of the passing of Dr. Narender Sharma, Associate Director of Keystone Institute India. He was an admired and respected leader who believed strongly in the possibility and promise of our work in India. He shared his optimism through a buoyant personality, a quick smile and laugh, and a rare talent for bringing people together as a vibrant community.

Narender was brilliant at forging relationships and had a particular skill for working within the business and government community. He had the highest standards for his own work and for all who worked and collaborated with him. He was a true leader.

He had ambitious plans for Keystone in India and was confident that we would accomplish amazing things together. With experience, knowledge, and a welcoming personality, he prepared the team in India for the challenges ahead with the confident assurance, “Yes, we can do this!” His message resonates as we move forward without him.

Above all, Narender was a committed family man. Even as we grieve this loss, our thoughts are with his wife and family. He will be remembered, and his contributions will be evident in all our future efforts in India and around the world.