George’s Story

“I began participating in the Adult Community Autism Program (ACAP) in 2010, and since then I have learned and achieved a lot. I enjoy the services I receive through ACAP.

“I’ve been volunteering at Mission Central in the Computer Ministry for one and a half years, where I take apart old computers and place the pieces in specific recycling containers. I enjoy volunteering there because the people are nice to me, and I enjoy taking items apart. I have also helped to prepare school kits and sort clothing and candy.

“In 2010, I also started a job at Exel Logistics through Randstad. My job is to sort sunscreen into bins according to the numbers on the bottle, as well as make display boxes. I like organizing the sunscreen and keeping my area clean. My coworkers are nice to me and make me feel comfortable at work.

“In October 2012, I moved into my own apartment in Mechanicsburg, PA. I am learning to cook healthy foods and budget my money. It is a quiet apartment and the other residents in the building are friendly.”