Ganse Apothecary Partners with Susquehanna Service Dogs to Name an Assistance Dog

Ganse Apothecary and Susquehanna Service Dogs (SSD), a program of Keystone Human Services, are pleased to announce a partnership to name an assistance dog. SSD Daisee is a yellow Labrador retriever puppy named by Ganse Apothecary’s employees.

Each dog Susquehanna Service Dogs places is individually trained to mitigate their partner’s disability and enhance their life. Dogs can assist people with physical disabilities that impact mobility or balance, as well as people with psychiatric disabilities, autism, PTSD, and seizure disorders. SSD also trains hearing dogs to assist people with hearing impairments, as well as facility dogs.

Training starts from the moment a dog is born to set them up for future success. SSD Daisee will spend the next 15-18 months with her puppy raiser, who will teach her good house manners, self-control, and over 20 different foundational cues. Daisee will then enter Advanced Training, where SSD’s professional trainers will match her with her partner and individually train her in specific tasks specially designed for her partner’s unique needs.

“As a pharmacy that specializes in serving the mental health and intellectual disability community, it was easy for us to come alongside SSD as we continue to search for ways to enrich the community around us,” says Greg Ganse, President of Ganse Apothecary.

“We’re very happy to partner with Ganse Apothecary,” says Deb Tack, SSD’s Director. “It takes a community to raise, train, and place assistance dogs. Dogs like Daisee grow up to change lives, helping people do things they never thought were possible.”

Susquehanna Service Dogs is a program of Keystone Human Services and has been breeding, raising, training, and placing assistance dogs in Pennsylvania and the surrounding states since 1993. SSD is an accredited member of Assistance Dogs International.

Ganse Apothecary is a family-owned, independent pharmacy in downtown Lancaster, PA. It has grown to include a retail, long term care, and specialty pharmacy, but maintains a singular focus: helping those in the mental health community. The vision of Ganse is to create relationships that enrich everyone it touches, from its 61 employees to its thousands of patients.