Finding a Voice Through Peer Support

Finding a Voice Through Peer Support Ashley and Roz“I’ve found my voice,” said Rozalyn (Roz) Leslie. “With the help of Peer Support, I’ve learned to establish boundaries and stand up for myself.”

Peer Support Services offer people experiencing mental health conditions the opportunity to take control of their recovery with support from Certified Peer Specialists (CPS), who have lived experience with mental illness. Each CPS walks beside the person they’re supporting along their journey to recovery, building a unique relationships founded on trust and understanding.

“We can connect because we’ve lived it,” said Ashley Winning. “We have common ground because we’ve been through it. We didn’t learn it from books. We learned it from real life experience.”

Although Ashley provides guidance, every step of her recovery is Roz’s own, which can be challenging at times, but also incredibly rewarding and full of opportunities for growth and discovery.

“I love to learn. I learn things every day from my support team,” said Roz. “I love creating friendships, and I am forming solid relationships through Bible Study and through Peer Support. I enjoy my support system because they have lifted me up.”