Families in Tudora Open Their Homes to Ukrainians

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Families in Tudora, Moldova have opened their homes to Ukrainians seeking refuge, doubling and sometimes tripling the number of people living in their homes. People are stretching their own resources to provide for additional people. This unparalleled generosity is what characterizes Moldova’s response to the war in Ukraine. Individual families, NGOs, and the country are all stepping forward to welcome and host their Ukrainian neighbors in their time of need.

Although the Moldovan government has established over 100 official refugee shelters and local authorities have also set up shelters, the majority of Ukrainians are staying with host families in their homes. Located at a border crossing, Tudora, which usually has a population under 2,000, has been home to 400 Ukrainians fleeing the war since February 2022.

Keystone Moldova is advocating with the government for support for host families to help with both immediate and long-term needs. We’re delivering meals, hygiene supplies, and medicines for refugees staying with host families, including people with disability. We’re also providing information and guidance.

All of that helps to address people’s immediate needs, but Ukrainian children will need to go to school. Families will need to find their own homes if they choose to stay. People may need to find new jobs. It’s the same throughout all of Moldova.

Keystone Moldova is the leader in Moldova of organizing other in-country NGOs and leading the NGO response, as well as working with the government and advocating with the government and the United Nations on behalf of refugees and host families. We are advocating to build an inclusive infrastructure to include Ukrainians settling in Moldova, including people with disability. We are especially focused on ensuring that people with disability are included in all relief efforts.

How can you help?

The single, most important way you can help is by donating unrestricted funds. Your donation gives Keystone Moldova and the people working on the ground the flexibility to meet people’s needs as they change. Donate today.