Dr. Tiana Kelly Receives 2023 Spirit of Volunteerism Award

Dr. Tiana Kelly Receives 2023 Spirit of Volunteerism Award

TianaPinella1Congratulations to Dr. Tiana Kelly, the 2023 recipient of the Nancy and Robert Fierer Spirit of Volunteerism Award. Presented annually by Susquehanna Service Dogs (SSD), this award recognizes volunteers who serve as a champion for SSD and its mission, supporting people to live their best lives with an assistance dog by their side.

“Tiana is passionate about SSD’s mission and is a steady source of knowledge and advice for the puppy raisers she mentors,” said Deb Tack, Director of Susquehanna Service Dogs. “Not only that, she’s a strong advocate, educating others in assistance dog etiquette and promoting both diversity and inclusivity.”

Tiana began volunteering with SSD eight years ago as an intern. After months of advocating throughout the university’s administration, she became SSD’s first Campus Puppy Raiser at Millersville University. Since then, Tianna has mentored dozens of student puppy raisers from Millersville and beyond, along with advising Paws on Deck, SSD’s puppy raising program at Millersville. She created educational programs, promoted diversity awareness, and encouraged others to volunteer within their community. She has incorporated her experiences with SSD into her professional life, earning her certificate in animal assisted therapy to provide the most comprehensive care in her counseling practice.

“Puppy raising is what taught me the value and importance of leaning on others for help,” said Tiana. “The reward you get from being involved with SSD and working with these assistance dogs in training will be unlike anything you ever experienced in all the best ways.”

Spirit of Volunteerism award 2023Every day, Tiana shares information about assistance dogs and Susquehanna Service Dogs to anyone with an open ear. Her longtime commitment to SSD’s mission, the Millersville community of puppy raisers and other student volunteers, and her dedication to providing assistance to those throughout her community exemplify the Fierers’ spirit of volunteerism.