Dr. Ludmila Malcoci Speaks about Relief Efforts for Ukrainians with Disability

Dr. Ludmila Malcoci, Director of Central and Eastern Europe for Keystone Human Services International and Executive Director of Keystone Moldova, joined representatives from Poland, Hungary, and Slovakia for an EASPD forum to talk about relief efforts for Ukrainian refugees with disability, including the barriers people face and the support offered. You can watch the recording here.

Keystone Moldova is providing food, shelter, and other essential supplies for Ukrainians, particularly mothers and babies, in Tudora and Palanca. We restructured the Hotline Support Service so Ukrainians with disability, their families, and caregivers have a resource for information and counseling services. The hotline service is available toll-free in Moldova by calling 080010808. Viber and text: +373 60 60 15 49.

We are advocating for inclusive emergency policies, so people with disability are included in relief efforts. We’re also working to streamline the way human service NGOs provide support for refugees with disability, including platforms for NGOs to share information.

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