Bobby’s Story

The Adult Community Autism Program (ACAP) has helped me in a lot of ways. I’ve learned to cook my own meals and drive a car.

In the past, I used to be very nervous being in social situations. However, ACAP continually supported me socially, and now I feel much more comfortable in social situations.

It has been a great relief to know that we are not alone in helping our son through life and helping him to be the independent person he wants to be. We are glad to have people we can talk to that understand and will advocate for our son.

Since joining ACAP, our son has successfully earned his driver’s license. He had struggled to get his permit and then learn to drive, but ACAP provided driving lessons so he could learn to parallel park, giving him the confidence he needed to pass his test. After he got his license, ACAP also supported him to learn to drive on the highway, so he could continue to gain confidence in his driving skills.

Our son has also learned to cook, and when he moves into a new home, ACAP will assist him with the transition.

From Bobby’s Parents