Beep Beep! Capital Area Head Start Receives Donation from Local Trucking Company

What do you do when a big truck visits your school? Line up to beep the horn, of course!

J.B. Hunt Transport Services donated $1,000 worth of school supplies to one of Capital Area Head Start’s classrooms at Downey Elementary School through their “Adopt-a-Class” program.

Dwight Gaines, the truck driver who nominated us to receive the donation, visited our classroom, bringing t-shirts and bright yellow safety vests for each student. He taught the students about the different parts of the rig and truck deliveries to local stores.

But then students got to do more than just hear about trucks. They got to experience one first-hand! Gaines brought his truck to the school, and students got to take a tour.

The students’ favorite part? The horn! They loved sitting in the driver’s seat and honking the horn.

Thank you to J.B. Hunt Transport Services in Harrisburg, PA for donating to Capital Area Head Start and giving students the opportunity to learn about trucks and transportation!