The Family Dynamics of Life Sharing

Life Sharing brings families and people with disabilities together to form a new family. Sunday Zarko, Life Sharing Service Director and the chairperson of the Pennsylvania Life Sharing Coalition Conference Committee, discusses how important that family dynamic is in people's lives. The 6th Annual Life Sharing Conference is on October 15-16.
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Recent Social Role Valorization Graduates

A group of learners recently attended a three-day workshop on Social Role Valorization, held by the Keystone Institute. They examined the devaluation of people with disability and how valued roles can increase the likelihood that a person will have access to the good things in life. "This workshop opened my eyes and deepened my understanding...
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Respecting Choices

We respect each person's right to make choices in their own lives, whether it's the color of the walls in their home or the people who are supporting them. Direct Support Professionals play an important role in supporting those choices.
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Capital Area Head Start Teachers Think Outside the Box

Let your creativity shine as a Capital Area Head Start teacher! Head Start teachers have the opportunity to be creative with lesson plans and help students and parents get excited about learning. Watch the video of teacher Kelli Still as she shares her experience as a teacher.
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High School Student Graduates with Service Dog at His Side

Nate Layne is the first student to graduate from Cedar Cliff High School with a service dog at his side. He's partnered with SSD Colorado from Susquehanna Service Dogs, and Colorado has made it possible for him to be much more independent. Nate plans to attend Albright College, along with Colorado. Watch the Fox 43...
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Rediscovering Yourself in the Community

Watch the video as Patti Uhrich shares her story of recovery from mental illness and how she rediscovered herself within her community.
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